ISE 2023, new releases FLES (FENIX LED Support) & PACQ-1000






ISE Barcelona 2023 for FENIX STAGE:

In case you missed ISE Barcelona 2023, we want to share with you our magnificent results. As in all ISE fairs, our expectations have been exceeded, the official launches of new products such as the new universal modular LED screens support or the PACQ-1000 speaker tower have been the main attractions of our booth. As a fair, the show has broken records in Barcelona and us together with the fair by the number of customers, new potential distributors and projects that we have received these days.

From FENIX Stage, we want to thank all distributors, customers and media who came to our booth showing their interest.

We review the new FENIX products presented at ISE:


Undoubtedly the most outstanding, observed and requested of our booth.

The new universal modular support for LED displays has been designed taking into account all needs and functionalities of an event. Easy to assemble, stabilize and compatible with all types of LED screens.

With the FLES (FENIX LED Support) you can create curved configurations of LED screens by adding the accessory designed by us, the joint hinge. The design of the FLES has focused on the small details to maximize safety, quick assembly and professional-looking durability thanks to its textured black finish.

Thanks to the premise of modularity applied throughout the creative process, we can adapt our screens to a tall, narrow, long and even curved space. Always maintaining the decoration and aesthetic finish of the installations, with the support for LED screens, by FENIX Stage.


The second biggest attraction of our booth at the show, a unique speaker tower for lifting heavy weight sound up to 1000Kg. at a height of up to 8M.

Our new speaker tower, the PACQ-1000, is designed to fly sound, like a PA tower but safer, with ease of assembly, thanks to the same engine can lift the structure and the load, an innovation that provides a safe, compact and unitary transport that will avoid the loss of parts and save assembly time for operators to set up.

PACQ-1000 is characterized to become the best option for large-scale projects, which makes it one of the prefered speaker towers designed by FENIX Stage, adding to the 24 types of towers marketed to date.