How to choose the lifting tower for an event?






How to choose the lifting tower for an event?

When we are setting up an event, there will always come a time when you have to choose how to lift the audiovisual elements you want to use. Whether you use line array systems, lighting systems composed of beams or more complex, if you want to lift an LED screen, you want your material to be safe while the event takes place, so in FENIX Stage we leave you this guide so you can choose the lifting tower you need for your event.

Guide to choose the lifting tower for your project:

What is a lifting tower for?

The first step to know which of all the lifting towers you need is to understand the uses of each type of tower, knowing that if we do not find the lifting tower that our event requires, in FENIX we also manufacture other types of solutions such as audio towers (PA) or sound towers or Ground Support structures, which will lift heavier loads, from 600kg (TRC-700) and with a maximum of 1500kg (TR4 Series).

As for the types of lifting tower, we differentiate between the following two:

Telescopic lifting towers: also called top-loading lifting towers, manufactured in steel, of this type of towers, some models load up to 300kg and others have a maximum height of 6.40m.

These lifting towers lift the load completely vertically. Mainly used for indoor events, conferences, small events or events that do not require elevation of audio systems, LED, line array of great weight or truss structures.

In FENIX Stage, we manufacture three different series of telescopic lifting towers:

  • NEMESIS Series
  • MEGARA Series
  • ELV Series

For more information about this type of lifting tower, do not hesitate to contact us through the contact form on our website:


Front load lifting tower: these lifting towers are characterized by maximizing safety when lifting heavy loads, up to 500kg (HERCULES 6.5 PLUS), at heights of up to 8m (HERCULES 8). The use of these lifting towers differs from the telescopic lifting towers mainly in the load and maximum heights. Made of aluminum with steel base and legs to lift line array systems, trusses and LED screens but unlike the previous type of lifting towers, this kind of towers, lifts the load from the ground. Having a greater support, in terms of weight, to ensure the welfare and safety of the operator becomes crucial, so this feature, being able to load the weight from the ground, is an advantage.

The front-loading lifting towers that we manufacture at FENIX Stage are:

  • AT Series
  • HERCULES Series

A total of 24 lifting towers classified in 5 types of Series and 2 categories, make it possible to lift almost any type of load. Below you will find a table with the different characteristics to take into account when making your choice:  

Needless to say that in case of doubt about the choice of a lifting tower that suits your project, you can contact us and a specialized team will assist you to solve your doubts and in case of not finding the right one we will be happy to listen to you and propose customized solutions for your project.


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