New universal modular support for LED screens - FLES






As we have previously announced in our social profiles, we took advantage of the ISE2023 to showcase FENIX Stage's new products.

Today we share one of them, the FLES, which we expect to become a recognized product by the industry, thanks to its versatility and high performance.


The new universal modular support for LED screens has been designed taking into account all the different configurations and uses that our event or show may need, thus creating a support for LED screens prepared for any type of weather conditions without neglecting the ease of assembly. In FENIX, we consider that our new modular LED display stand has to be able to be assembled quickly, safely and without risk of breakage or damage to the product or the operator.   

Thanks to the premise of modularity applied throughout the creative process, we can adapt our screens to a high, narrow, long and even curved space, always maintaining the decoration and aesthetic finish of the installations, with the FENIX Stage LED screen support. With the universal modular support for LED screens, you can create concave profiles (usually used for the integration of the user in the context projected on the LED screens), convex, totems even elongated profiles.

FLES main features:

  • Modular capability.
  • Unlimited maximum height and horizontal connections.
  • Universality of fastening for LED screens.
  • Stability of the LED display support.

From the design and development team of new products of FENIX, every detail of the product that we will see at ISE2023 has been taken care of, looking for the durability of the product, as well as features that maximize its use, such as the two polyamide plates at the rear ends of the base of the structure, which will provide greater stability in the area where the weights are installed and avoid a pronounced wear in its components, providing the support structure for LED screens with the durability that characterizes all FENIX products.

For more information do not hesitate to visit us during ISE2023, in HALL 7, STAND 350 or contact us through the contact form on the website.