Target3D Iberia revolutionizes Virtual Creativity using 10cm square trusses.






Target3D Iberia is revolutionizing Virtual Creativity using 10cm square trusses.

Today, we highlight Target3D Iberia, a pioneer in technology for virtual creativity projects, redefining industry standards with its fixed installations made of 10cm square trusses and Optitrack cameras used to capture moving elements.

Specialized in offering advanced technological solutions for creative productions, Target3D Iberia has elevated fixed installations to new heights, helping transform ideas into immersive virtual experiences.

Innovation in Every Detail
The precisely designed and highest standard-manufactured 10cm square truss structures provide a solid foundation for virtual, augmented, and mixed reality projects. Each installation showcases craftsmanship and advanced technology, ensuring stability and safety for cameras and specialized equipment.


Virtual Creativity Without Limits
From recording studios to game production environments, Target3D Iberia's installations offer a blank canvas for creatives to unleash their imagination. The versatility and adaptability of these structures allow seamless integration of high-end cameras and motion capture technology, creating immersive and realistic virtual worlds.

Successful Collaborations
Target3D Iberia has collaborated with leading production studios, game developers, and visual effects companies, providing the necessary technical environment for innovative projects. Their installations have witnessed the creation of virtual universes, augmented reality films, and immersive gaming experiences.

"Working with FENIX Stage's trusses has allowed us to set up our installations safely and certified. Their dedication to quality and innovation is evident in every aspect of their work" said Miguel Motos, Head of Iberia and Business Development Manager at Target3D Iberia.

Transforming Visions into Virtual Reality
Target3D Iberia is committed to pushing virtual creativity to new frontiers, relying on the strength of 10cm square trusses. Their expertise in fixed installations and passion for innovation have turned visions into tangible and thrilling virtual experiences.

About Target3D Iberia
Target3D Iberia is a leader in fixed installation solutions for virtual creativity projects. Specialized in integrating high-tech cameras and 10cm square truss structures, Target3D Iberia collaborates with creatives and producers to turn ideas into immersive virtual experiences. With a focus on quality and innovation, Target3D Iberia has set a standard in the virtual creativity industry.