FENIX Stage: A Look at Our Achievements and Strategies






This year, FENIX Stage has been working tirelessly to achieve its goals and continue its path to becoming a leader in the event structures industry. We would like to share a summary of 5 milestones achieved so far in 2023:

1. ISE 2023 - New Distributors
At ISE 2023, our expectations were exceeded. Our efforts to provide excellent customer service and manufacture the best products led to the presentation of several new products as the main attractions of our booth during the fair. Additionally, we were able to work together and reach distribution agreements that strengthen our international network, expanding it to 46 countries with exclusive distributors. New additions in 2023 include IRON STAGE LLC in the United States, ACOUSTIC & LIGHTING SYSTEM in Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia, as well as STAGEMIX TECHNOLOGIES LLP in India.

2. Southeast Asia Training Trips
We have conducted training sessions in Southeast Asian countries, showcasing our latest innovations and products. This has bolstered our presence in the region and strengthened our relationships with FENIX distributors in each country. These sessions are conducted regularly to provide attention to both distributors and end customers.

3. ISO 9001 Renewal
We have successfully renewed our ISO 9001 certification. This international certification reflects our ongoing commitment to quality in the manufacturing of lifting towers, trusses, and other event structures. During the renewal process, we underwent a rigorous evaluation that covered processes, procedures, and quality management systems. Key benefits of this certification include the assurance of consistent quality in our products and services, an ongoing focus on process improvement, and a continuous commitment to customer satisfaction. This renewal marks the beginning of a constant quest for excellence. We plan to continue innovating our products, listening to our customers, and keeping them informed about improvements in our processes to deliver exceptional service.

4. New Products
At the ISE Barcelona 2023 exhibition, FENIX Stage impressed the audience with a range of innovative new products. Among the highlights were the redesigned HERCULES 6.5 and HERCULES 6.5 PLUS lifting towers, known for their exceptional robustness and load-bearing capacity, ideal for large-scale events. The AT-06 Compact, a versatile solution for lighting and sound, was also introduced, along with the AC-626, a compact lifting tower designed to optimize space. Additionally, FENIX Stage presented the PACQ-1000, a truss tower capable of lifting loads of up to 1,000kg to a height of 8m, and the FLES (FENIX LED SUPPORT), a versatile solution for supporting LED screens of all types. These new products underscore FENIX's commitment to innovation and quality, further solidifying its position as an industry leader in event structures.

5. New Marketing Team Members
We began the year by welcoming two new members to our marketing team, Santiago Penadés and Juan Mossi. Their addition aims to revitalize our communication strategies and provide support to our distributors and customers.

In summary, FENIX Stage is experiencing a year filled with achievements and international expansion. We will continue to work to deliver quality products and provide exceptional service to our customers. We are excited about what the future holds in the event structures industry.