MODUSPRO shows us a stage assembly with FENIX products






The Moduspro team shows its professionalism in the video presented. The organizers of the event turned to Moduspro, a regular customer of FENIX Stage, for the complete installation of stage and sound and lighting systems with the need to adapt to the different acts with a clear sound and a setting according to the magnitude of the event. Both the production team, the technical team and the engineering team worked hard to create a stage with all the necessary safety measures to fit the required scenography.
The company, which offers all kinds of audiovisual services, made the scenic installation for the event Disfressa d'Or 2023 in the San Miguel Tarraco Arena in Tarragona (Spain) using FENIX products for lifting truss structures, LED screens and sound and lighting equipment.
In the project we can see the following FENIX products:
  • TR4-1200: Ground Support Tower 12m high and 1500kg load capacity.
  • Platforms: creating a stage of almost 200m2.
  • Structures formed by trusses of 29x29cm, 40x40cm and 52x52cm for the elevation of LED screens in the wings and sound and lighting equipment.
"From FENIX Stage we are delighted to see that our products are used by operators of such professionalism, we care about our product even when it is already being used by customers and that is why we are very happy to see how Moduspro works with our structures" Julia Niza, CEO of FENIX Stage.
For its part Moduspro is a member of the FENIX family since 2016, the company dedicated to the production of events in Spain at the national level aims to continue growing and making high quality events hand in hand with FENIX products. Martin Audio, Shure and Pioneer, are among the other brands operated in its numerous productions.
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