Our Ground Support TRC-700 tower used for telecommunications






Enric, who has taken one of his passions to the next level, explains: "The tower elevates an antenna system and provides the facility to work with them at ground level and be able to elevate it".

The tower installed in Barcelona (Spain) supports a communications system for EME and Meteor Scatter moon bouncing. Thanks to this, Enric communicates with other amateurs in the rest of the world and investigates astronomical phenomena by counting stars, fireballs and meteor detections that have led him to be a reference, being a pioneer of these working methods as he explains in his personal blog ea3btz.

We have taken the opportunity to understand the use of this Ground Support tower formed by trusses. The product manufactured by FENIX, the Ground Support TRC-700 tower, loads up to 600kg at a height of up to 7m, also has a safety system (FSH System) that secures the load.

Designed to be easily installed by one person. This FENIX product is used as an "antenna lifting tower" for telecommunications, it becomes an ideal companion for the function since, as Enric explains to us, currently the sector uses customized solutions (usually less affordable) or more rudimentary "fixes".

"Personally I have been in the Amateur Radio world since 1976, I am part of associations such as SOMYCE or IMO and I have specialized in communications via "Meteor Scatter" and in the Lunar Bounce "EME" which is about communicating with other amateurs bouncing the signal on the surface of the moon. I installed my first radio meteor observatory in 1997 and I am collaborating with other associations to set up a National Research Network.

Antennas are always needed to carry out this activity and we have to look for solutions to raise them, if you have a great purchasing power you can ask for a structure to be made to measure, but those who do not have this purchasing power have to look for something commercialized" shares Enric.


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