Trusses, lifters and stage platforms for your events this summer!






Summer heat wave is getting stronger and is sweeping the activities of Spanish people. Then it is the time to people welcome the outdoor summer events. FENIX Stage is always going ahead and ready to provide and present the best stages with platforms, trusses, lifting towers and ground support towers.


Here are the list of many activities that you can spend in summer time. And you can also use this as an idea to organize moments with your friends, family and your neighborhood: 


Concierto Rocío Aguilar 2017Rocío Aguilar Concert 2017 @ Alicante (Spain)

As in tradition, every villages in Spain are having their own summer days. The culture used to celebrate the agricultural show. But as times goes by, Spanish people are relatively held their weekly outdoor party in their village to gathers among neighborhood. This unique and amusing tradition called “Verbena”. Especially after sunset, the crowds come out to enjoy themselves, have a drink and see the streets decorated with lights and garlands. The atmosphere of Verbena will be more amused by their own culture. And not always left behind is the dance. Yes, with the stages of orchestra, people will start dancing and will relish in on the Verbena.

All of this mini party in villages can be set up with FENIX Stage. The products of FENIX Stage are adaptable to any events especially for a Verbena. FENIX Stage is welcome for any ideas and requests to arrange outdoor events. Our stage platforms and FORUM Roof will be a perfect roof for small and medium events that do not need a high loading capacity. Importantly it is suitable for Verbena.

Open-air Cinema

The other events in summer that Spanish people will do is open-air cinema. Yes, watching movies are delightful activities for them. Since summer stays with its breeze, then outdoor screen are built to complete the enjoyable moment of longtime hour of sun. Generally people will gather around in outdoor places and watch their favorable movies. Combining high-quality sound and picture of an outdoor movie theater with superb settings under the stars, are a favorite summer pastime.

Thanks to FENIX Stage that have a million ideas to offer in any events to provide satisfaction of people enjoying the time. Whether it´s in a park, high on a rooftop, or in the shadows of city landmark, there is an outdoor movie theater for everyone. Our TRC ground support towers can be the best construction of theater stage to satisfy your summer time with trusses and towers in any kind of size and configuration. One of FENIX Stage product HERCULES is able to raise a LED display of considerable size and maximum safeness. For a small screen size, the telescopic towers are the perfect complement. 

Sport Events

And last but not least is sports events. FENIX Stage products are capable and well build to construct the safe and dynamic place to hold a sport events. The qualities of the lifting towers and trusses are very compatible to use in sports event such as in beach, in big gym, or in stadium. Thanks to the ability of FENIX Stage lifting towers to adjust their height of elevation, the assembly of LED and sound modules will be much easier since you can assemble by rows, and slowly raise the towers. The advantage of the lifting towers are to support the square around the gym rings to hold the spotlight of the events.

Don’t you want to have a spotlight of your events? FENIX Stage is well experienced in construct sport events and have bunch of ideas and creativity to make your events will long last and unforgettable. With ATRIUM Roof, supported by four SQ-29 truss legs, its cantilever protects the stage from the sun.

Are you interest on organize events? Small or big, we are ready to help you with our best products. Happy summer and enjoy the sunny season events with FENIX Stage!