The new FENIX Stage Roofs Series






Our new series of roofs are the newest edition of assembly projects that suits all events such as musical performances, movie theater, TV productions, and as well as indoor events. The structural Roofs Series systems enhance the easiness of build a stage without considering any parts missing. FENIX Stage presents the Roofs Series to help customers develop their own stage creation with advanced security. Here we would like to introduce four kinds of Roofs Series types with different functions for each. There are Flat Roofs, Single-pitch Roofs, Double-pitch Roofs, and Circular Roofs.



Flat Roofs that consist of two roofs; Forum Roof and Olimpo Roof are flat roof made of SQ-40 truss mounted on four ground support TR3 towers. Forum Roof is a perfect roof for small and medium events that do not need a high loading capacity. Available sizes of 8x6m, 10x8m, and 12x10m. 

Olimpo Roof is a different flat roof because it has PA wings on the sides for hanging audio and video systems. This is a good news for stage builder who wants to hold a small events but full equipped with LED Screens. Olimpo Roof is available in 8x6m, 10x8m, and 12x10m sizes.


Single-pitch stage roofSingle-pitch Stage Roof '15 @ Mallorca (Spain)


Single-pitch Roofs consist of Atrium Roof and Agora Roof. Atrium Roof is a single-pitch structural system made of SQ-29 truss supported by four SQ-29 legs. This roof is perfect for outdoor events because of its cantilever protects the stage from rain. Available in 5x4m and 7x5m sizes, Atrium roof are also can be requested for any modified sizes. 

Udaya Live Yoga & Music Retreat at Bulgaria was an example. This outdoor event was using Atrium Roof to hold the music and yoga events. The roof is perfect for small events but strong roof for hiding from rain and sun which make your events run along comfortable and enjoyable. 

Agora Roof is a single-pitch structural system composed of SQ-40 truss mounted on four ground support TR3 towers. Similar to Atrium Roof, this Agora Roof is perfect for small and medium outdoor events thanks to its function by having a tilted roof to prevent of rain and water slips so it will not stock up on the roof. Agora Roof is available in 10x8m, 12x10m, and 14x10m. Agora Roof was sited at Castellammare Del Golfo, Sicilia in Italy for the School Dance Event in 2016. This single-pitch roof was perfectly installed for a night outdoor events since it has a tilted roof for rain prevention.


Double-pitch roofMorrasound Rock Festival '16 @ Moaña, Pontevedra (Spain)


Double-pitch Roofs has three different types of roof, Temple Roof, Panteon Roof and Domus Roof. All of the roofs are made with SQ-40 truss. Domus Roof is a canopy roof mounted on four ground support TR3 towers. Even though available in 10x6m, 12x6m, and 10x8m sizes, specifications may change depending on the tower used and modification on request size. 

Temple Roof consist of double-pitch structural system supported by our exclusive ground support TRC tower, that are raised with a double-handle winch without the need of using an electrical hoist. Thanks to its best function, it’s allowed a faster set-up of the roofs and stages. Moreover, by using TRC towers, it can save your budget up to 30% because of no electrical hoist. 

One of the events that was using Panteon Roof was OK Fest in Bosnia and Herzegovina held at 6th – 9th July 2018. Using 13.5x10m flat roof and placing it on top of four TR3-900 ground support towers made the stage looks perfect and strong. In addition, the event was successfully hung two LED Screens on the both sides thanks to PA Wings. Panteon Roof is a perfect roof for big events that need a high loading capacity. Available in sizes of 16x12m and 18x14m, Panteon Roof also can be occupied for any request size. 

What’s more is Temple Roof was stood at Moaña, Pontevedra Spain for Morrasound Rock Festival. Equipped with TRC-700 towers, it made the stage well sturdy. Importantly, TRC-700 ground support towers is capable to install by a single person and to raise the tower horizontally with total security.


Circular Stage RoofOK Festival '18 @ Sutjeska National Park, Tjentiste (Bosnia Herzegovina)


Circular Roof has one kind of roof named Arco Roof that made of SCQ-29 circle trusses supported by four SQ-29 truss legs. Its cantilever protects the stage from the rain, so it is perfect for outdoor events. Available in 6x6m and 8x8m sizes and accompany by our telescopic towers for a small screen size will be the perfect complement. 
The event that using Arco Roof was OK Festival in 2018. Since this was a big festival, it had a lot of stages with different types and criteria. One of the stages was using this circular roof which completed by PA wings on both sides to hang sound systems equipment. For any measurements and criteria, all the roofs types can be modified according to request and need.

Roofs Series are designed to give a compact roof that suits to any events both indoor and outdoor. FENIX Stage committed to present the best stages with our ground support towers, trusses, and stage platform to serve and combine the best accessories parts or stages. All the roofs are also can be modified in sizes depend on the request.

Are you interested with these Roof Series ? Do not hesitate to contact us and get yours!