Stages and structures of truss invade the Valencia's streets in Fallas!






Stages can be assembled in many ways, with platforms, trusses, lifting towers or ground support towers. We also have canvas, safety cables or crowd control barriers amongst others.

Valencia welcomes the spring with its Fallas festival. Fallas is Valencia's most international festivity. The city fills up with gigantic cardboard monuments, called ninots, which form the fallas, and open-air celebrations, parades, concerts, competitions and other activities join these statues in every corner of the city.

Although the most important events are held during the week before the 19th, Valencia is preparing the festive mood from the 1st March with many events. During the year artists design the cardboard monuments and the night of the 15th March people work all night to set up the monuments in the city's streets and squares, reaching up to 24 metres high, and burnt by fire the last day of the festival, on the 19th March.

FENIX Stage like every year, is in some way in these celebrations, either with its lifters, with its trusses or with its new non-slip aluminium platforms that hold up to 500kg.


Techado con truss Fallas 2015Roof with truss. Fallas 2015

Last year FENIX trusses were in one of the most important Fallas of the special section, the Falla Convento Jerusalen, as a roof for its small Falla. Four black 73 x 73cm bases BQX-2940B supported a truss structure composed by eight aluminium square trusses SQ-29, with 50 x 2mm main tube, 20 x 2mm brace and alloy EN-AW 6082 T6. Four of the trusses installed on the bases, provided support to the four trusses of the roof, connected by multi-cubes SQB-29. A canvas closed the structure, in addition to decorating it helped safeguarding the Falla.

"The discos at the streets and verbenas are indispensable acts in these festivals. Every night, dozens of them, invade our streets with music until nearly morning. Stages can be assembled in many ways, with platforms, trusses, lifting towers or ground support towers."


Escenario para evento con torres y trussStage with  events with lifting towers and truss

Aluminium 2 x 1m platforms FENIX MTF-2 are used for the assembly of small stages that offer high security, quality and resistance. With the help of the adjustable support for truss AC-508, two telescopic lifting towers MEGARA 230 rise a square truss SQ-29, where two line-arrays and lights are hung for the sound to reach all the square.

For bigger stage’s assembly, ground support towers are perfect because they support a maximum load of up to 1.500kg. These towers are suitable for 29 x 29cm and 40 x 40cm trusses and there are different Series depending on the size of the stage you want to assemble:


Escenario para evento con torres ground supportStage for events with ground support towers

At FENIX Stage we have everything you may need to assemble stages or structures with the maximum safety. We have the stage’s structure customized with the dimensions our customer want and other elements for stages as canvas, safety cables or crowd control barriers among others.

With everything in our hands, now we can say… Let Fallas begin!