PLASA 2015 waits us






There are 31 days left for the beginning of PLASA Show 2015 in London as every year to bring a wide range of audio and lighting professionals. Three days of new products launches, demos, seminars and more events will wait you at London ExCel Center from October 4th to October 6th.

After holidays, #FENIXaroundtheworld come back with recharged batteries to take part of one of the most important fairs of the world, PLASA 2015 London, in the big metropolis.

During 38 years, PLASA Show has been the annual exposition which connects all the international entertainment technology industry and ranks as one of the premier shows of its kind. PLASA Show is owned and organized by PLASA, the leading international trade association for entertainment technologies.

In 2014, PLASA beat records, with 1,850 exhibitors and 9,260 visitors from 74 different countries interested in products such as trusses, stages, sound and lighting systems and equipment, AV and video equipment, special effects, LED screen, lifting towers, etc.

PLASA Show 2015 will present new launches by the world's greatest designers and engineers to an international audience of pro audio, lighting, broadcast, AV and stage technology experts. 


New lifting towers, improvements and more at FENIX Stage booth

FENIX Stage, for the second consecutive year as expositor, comes back to London to show its new products and latest novelties in its lifting towers, which will do your stage assembly easier and safer. You can visit us at L2 booth and see the demonstration of these four lifting towers which we have chosen to show you:


- MEGARA 100: This telescopic tower is ideal for rising lighting, sound systems and trusses. Its small base helps its transportation. The outriggers enable fixing the legs to the base more easily.

- MEGARA 300: The tower with the maximum load of its series. It can lift up to 300kg. Safety pins avoid the load from falling. Besides, they allow selecting different heights, raising all bars equally and distributing the load from the mast to the last bar, which extends the tower’s lifetime and increases its stability. Besides, we have improved the outriggers locking system. Come to see it, it will surprise you!

- ELV-150/5: The great innovation of this tower, and rest of its serie, is its swingarm platforms. They rest completely against any surface, including walls or slopes, achieving a better fixation, stability and security in any enclosure, doing ideal its use for indoor events.

- AT-04: Fully redesigned to become the frontal loading tower more compact and lighter. Its 1.58m minimum height, its 84kg light weight and its 485 x 380mm closed base; make it perfect to be transported more comfortably and rise line array systems, trusses and LED screens.

- AT-05: Frontal loading tower capable of lifting 250kg up to 5.40m high from the ground. Its new ring enables fixing cables to any fixed object or surface, increasing its stability and security.

We have given you a lot of reasons to come to this new edition of PLASA Show but… there are still many others surprises you will have to discover by yourself.

Get your ticket now on PLASA Show 2015 web, ask for your meeting to visit us here and furthermore, take this opportunity to visit London, one of the most lively and exciting city of the world. This city is full of emotions!