Music festivals not to miss






With the warmer weather arrives one of the best times of year, the music festival season. Each year the number of festivals springs up already in the thousands, spreading around everywhere. It is a show in which truss is always present, assembled with the help of lifting towers, or supported by Ground Support towers resulting in magnificent stages for concerts.

Large audiences assist year after year to enjoy these festivals, some smaller and others of the most important and popular internationally. Variety in musical genres, indie rock and electronic, and in people, for all kinds of public and ages.

Here, hundreds of thousands of people congregate, so security is essential and must not be left to chance.

National events are very good in terms of experiences:
Spain is the fourth country in number of events


From FENIX Stage we want to help develop your own festival route and expand beyond the Spanish borders. Therefore we have used a festival music guide that took into account in its analysis aspects as important as the quality of the musicians or the experience in more than 300 festivals, summarized in a top 100. From Paris and 'Rock en Seine', to 'Leeds Festival' in UK and ending beyond the Atlantic to the Coachella Festival in Los Angeles, the music festivals 'dance' in every corner of geography.

This way, national music events are very good in terms of experiences: Spain is the fourth country in number of events that "slip" in this classification, with a total of 8 and only surpassed by the United Kingdom, Germany and Belgium. In the aggregate, the best Spanish festival is Primavera Sound, followed by Sonar, both from Barcelona and Viñarock from Villarrobledo (Albacete). Within national festivals that you cannot miss on the continent are the Arenal Sound of Burriana (Castellón), the BBK Live of Bilbao or SOS 4.8 of Murcia. In European festivals, the Fusion German Festival, the Sziget Festival Hungary.or Unknow Festival in Croatia are highlighted.

Among the latter, the international festivals, in FENIX Stage this summer choose Sziget, to be held from 11 to 18 August in Budapest. It describes itself as one of the largest multicultural events in Europe and offers an incredible line up of music and much more to see and enjoy. And if that weren’t enough, it is almost in the centre of the beautiful Hungarian capital. 

Why not join one of these music festivals?