Lifting towers, trusses, ground support and accessories for truss are… on their way to PLASA London!






The 17th of September we will travel from Moscow to London to attend PLASA Show’s 39th edition as every year from the 18th to 20th September at London Olympia, an exhibition centre, event space and conference centre.


For the 3rd consecutive year, FENIX Stage as exhibitor will show its visitors its latest developments in its lifting towers, trusses, ground support towers and accessories at the biggest UK exhibition for the international live entertainment technology. Over the years, we have increased the number of visitors to our booth and this year we expect to surpass the numbers of the previous edition in 2015 because we have worked even harder. 

"For the 3rd consecutive year, FENIX Stage as exhibitor,
will show its latest developments in its
lifting towers, trusses, ground support and accessories."


PLASA Show London 2015PLASA Show London 2015, London (Spain)

If you are going to come to PLASA Show, we will be waiting for you at H2 booth, where you will be able to see the following towers:

- Ground support tower TRC-700: With its winch it is easy to use and set-up by a single person. Its new pioneer safety system FSH System is designed to provide optimum safety. Come and see it by yourself!
-  MEGARA 100 telescopic lifting tower: Small and compact. Very useful to lift sound and light equipments and structures up to 100kg.
- MEGARA 150 telescopic lifter: This lifting tower is slightly stronger than the MEGARA 100, lifting up to 150kg.
- ELV-300/6 lifting tower: ELV lifters have an outrigger system that allows the tower to rest upon any surface or fixed object, having always 4 support points for maximum security.
- AT-04 frontal loading tower: The most compact and light lifting tower. With only 93kg of weight, it is able to lift up to 200kg rising it up to 5m.


FENIX Stage is also manufacturer of others productos such as stage platforms and accessories for raising your lighting and sound systems.

If you are going to come to our booth you will get to know some of our accessories and we will show you how you can use them with our lifting towers and trusses. The accessories for truss and accessories for lifting towers we carry in our suitcase are:

  • AC-508: Adjustable support for lifting truss up to 40cm. Compatible with all telescopic lifting towers.
  • AC-533: H-shape support for 29x29 truss. Compatible with all telescopic lifters.
  • AC-552: 360ª rotating support for truss. Compatible with AT and HERCULES lifters.
  • AC-584: Support for line array systems. Compatible with all frontal loading lifting towers.
  • AC-591: 28mm tube adaptor. Compatible with all telescopic lifting towers.
  • AC-613: Union hinge for 29x29 squared truss.
  • AC-630W: Stabilizer base with wheels and extendable legs. Very versatile because you can adjust several kind of squared truss: 10x10, 22x22, 29x29 and 40x40.

We still have things to tell you but we prefer that you see them by yourself ;). Have you already registered to visit PLASA Show? Click here and get your entry. If you want to make an appointment with our Export Manager, send an email to the following address We will be waiting for you at H2 booth from the 18th to the 20th of September!


Mapa ubicación FENIX StageFENIX Stage's location map. PLASA Show London 2016, London (Spain)