Lifting Towers and Trusses with sports






Trusses and lifting towers FENIX offer very different possibilities when it comes to arranging and composing the best facilities for sporting events.


The assembly of this type of facilities is greatly simplified by using truss structures, as they are quick to assemble, versatile, lightweight and stable. These qualities make the truss to be used in virtually all types of sporting events, whether in open spaces such as a beach, or closed spinning room as a gym. The next time that you go to an event of this kind check out the composition and watch for yourself how the advertising banner, LED display or the lighting can be suspended from a truss. Depending on the weight of these systems it will be a smaller truss, as the SQ-10 or one large and reinforced as the SQR-52.



In addition to the structural qualities of the truss, while being used as a decorative element per se, since the image of the truss already is associated with a particular type of aesthetic and many companies use it as an element of its ornamentation.


The possibilities are endless. You can dress up a VIP area and place a LED screen suspended from a raised truss with lifting towers MEGARA 300 to follow closely the competitions; conditioning gyms and hanging lighting elements and sound from trusses; the finish line of a marathon or the advertising banner making a square frame with truss putting the 73x73cm support base BQX-2940B for all square trusses; and even a boxing ring, in which four lifting towers ELV-230 support trusses ST-29 making a square around the ring to hold the spotlights.

Now, the largest volleyball tournament in Switzerland is taking place, stopping in 6 places where the best national and international teams compete, and whose final will be held in the magnificent "Bundesplatz" at Berne. The Coop Beachtour has used FENIX for its conditioning and its square trusses SQ to raise a parallel truss SD hanging a giant LED screen. In addition four towers Ground support TR3-900 of the TR series are used for hanging lighting elements.

If you have in mind any event related to sports do not hesitate to count on us, we have thousands of ideas to offer.

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