How to install a line array system with a frontal loading lifting tower?






Today, on our YouTube channel, we are showing you how to assemble and lift a line array with an AT Series’ frontal loading lifting tower, specifically AT-05B, with the AC-569 accessory. This tower is ideal for lifting heavy line array speakers, trussing and LED screens, because its frontal loading system allows you to lift loads from the ground minimizing the effort.


AT Series consists of a wide range of frontal lifting towers, suach as AT-04, AT-05 and AT-06. They are made of steel, available in silver and black colours (reference with B) and compatible with the accessories: AC-552, AC-565 and AC-569.

This Series, as well as HERCULES Series, are different from MEGARA and ELV Series, because they lift the load frontally and from the floor. Besides, and among the others different elements that you can see in our catalogue, these lifters include a transport handle and a roller system to move them vertically and horizontally, protecting also the cable and the winch during transportation.

The installation of a line array onto the tower is very simple and it is the same way for every AT Series lifters, so you can follow the same procedure for any of AT lifting towers. In this case, we have used the AT-05B frontal lifting tower and the  AC-569 accessory, a support for line array systems up to 250kg. The steps to follow shown in the video are the following:


accesorio ac-569 para line array

Line array installation with the AC-569 accessory

  • To begin, remove the pins from the end of the forks, fix them horizontally, insert the AC-569 accessory and secure it with the hand knobs and put back the pins.
  • Remove shackle’s pin, insert the bumper of the line array and put back the pin in its position.


Montaje line array

Assembly of the line array

  • Install each line array box according to the manufacturer's instructions. To facilitate the assembly process, in this step is recommended to lift the tower every time we put a new box of the line array.




Elevación line array

Line array lifting

  • Once the line array is in place, remove and turn the safety pin of the last bar to the rising position.
  • Turn the winch's crank to raise the bar to the desired position.
  • Once the bar is where we want it to be, we turn the safety pin again to the locking position.
  • Repeat this step with all the bars until you reach the desired height.


To disassemble the line array and lower the tower, simply reverse these steps, always starting with the last bar that has been raised.

In this video we have shown how to install a line array onto a frontal loading lifting tower, but as we mentioned earlier, these lifting towers can also raise trusses and LED screens.

If you have doubts, ask our commercials. They will help you with the best suited accessories for your AT frontal loading lifting tower!