HERCULES 8, our tallest lifting tower






The super front-loading lifting tower HERCULES 8 supports up to 300kg and is able to raise it up to 8 meters. It has incredible features!

Its less than 2 meters when folded and its handle with wheels eases its transportation both horizontally and vertically. It is made of top quality aluminum alloy EN-AW 6082 T6 with a black finish, although by request, it can be silver.

Its double crank winch facilitates the lifting of the load, increasing its safety. It has two eyebolts on the second section, for fixing the tower with braces to the ground if needed. Outrigger plates, which are made of polyamide, do not wear over time and support changes in temperature without deformation. In addition, its front straps help distribute the load to prevent deformation of the tower.

Both to raise truss structures, such as sound and lighting systems, the HERCULES 8 offers maximum performance both in stiffness and strength, aswell as maximum height and load capacity.

We invite you to see the front loading tower HERCULES 8 in 3D, where you can see it in detail and have close look at each of its pieces. Move the tower with your mouse’s right button, zoom in with the wheel and do not miss anything!:




In addition to its already impressive features guaranteeing the highest quality, safety and security, this tower does not forget to incorporate three safety systems that block the tower in the unlikely event of the cable breaking:

  • The safety pendulum as an internal component,
  • FENIX’s safety pins, with which the sections block at different heights allowing the effort to be spread equally among them and that have a working position that only allows the elevation of the load,
  • and finally, a braking system on the winch, which gives the tower a safety plus.


This type of front-loading towers are commonly used for lifting line-array sound systems, but what many do not know is its ability to raise truss structures with the AC-552 and AC-565 accessories. Thus, with a single tower you can raise both the truss and the line-array at the same time, saving effort and without using any extra hoist.

Take a look at our projects section and discover the number of events that turn out to be a success thanks to FENIX’s front-loading towers, you will be amazed!