Ground support towers, the perfect for big stages






TR Series' towers are the strongest FENIX ground support towers, designed to meet the strictest resistance and safety requirements in the assembly of a roof system.


Torres ground support TR3 SeriesFig. 1 Ground support tower TR3 Series

As we have already mentioned, TR Series' ground support towers, also known as truss towers or structural towers, are the strongest and they have been designed to build-up roof systems, for rising LED screens, truss, sound or lighting equipment vertically selecting different heights.

They are made of aluminium, designed to be used with manual chain hoist or electrical chain hoist. Thanks to its steel base with eight stabilizers and its frontal braces that distribute the load giving a greater stability, these towers increase sturdiness and resistance.

This Series consists of two different models, TR3 ground support towers with 29 x 29cm squared truss with 3mm thickness and TR4 ground support towers with 40 x 40cm squared truss with 3mm thickness, both with a ladder truss on one side.

They in turn are divided in different towers depending on its maximum height and its maximum loading capacity:

  • TR3-700: 7m maximum height / 1.000kg maximum load / 170kg weight.
  • TR3-800: 8m maximum height / 1.000kg maximum load / 177kg weight.
  • TR3-900: 9m maximum height / 1.000kg maximum load / 184kg weight.
  • TR4-800: 8m maximum height / 1.500kg maximum load / 210kg weight.
  • TR4-900: 9m maximum height / 1.500kg maximum load / 218kg weight.


Torres ground support con soporte motorFig. 2 Ground support with motor support


As a new feature, FENIX Stage has designed and manufactured a new motor support (SM-TR) for the TR Series' ground support towers, which used to place the motor. This support is easy to install to one sleeveblock's side with its four clamps. It can be used with a single motor (Fig. 2) or with a top with pulley (CSM-TR) and a truss section.

On one hand, all the TR towers have an aluminium sleeveblock (CA-TR) with 4 connectors in two sides which can be screwed into different holes to attach triangular trusses and squared trusses of different sizes (ST-29, SQ-29, SQR-29, SQ-40 y SQR-40). Its quality materials and great design give stability and security to the structure.

On the other hand, the base is made of steel and has 8 polyamide stabilizers, 4 at the base and one on each leg. Furthermore, it also has 4 frontal braces that connect the legs to the truss, giving the structure stability and strength.

For more information about these towers, don't forget to visit our ground support towers' page on our website or contact us.