FORMULA 1 is coming! 48 FENIX Stage's lifting towers are ready for a new sport event






This weekend, from the 17th to the 19th of June, the F1 Grand Prix of Europe will be held on the street circuit in the city of Baku (Azerbaijan), already fully prepared to host the race with FENIX lifting towers and accessories.​


The street circuit of Baku is the narrowest of the world, with just 7.6 meters wide between turn 8 and 12. To give an example, only four cars fit at the same time. Its layout is also notable because it is one of the longest circuits and with the most bends. The cars will drive 6km around Baku’s city center through 20 turns and two very fast straights, especially the main straight of 1500 meters, in which the speed will exceed 340km/h.


Torre telescópica para altavocesFENIX lifting tower at F1 Grand Prix of Europe, Bakú (Azerbaiyán)


Our products, both the lifters and the trusses, are often used in sporting events, for the safety and the versatility they offer.

Torre telescópica con altavocesFENIX lifting tower at F1 Grand Prix of Europe, Bakú (Azerbaiyán)

For the Baku’s F1 Grand Prix of Europe, thanks to ProAV’s work, 48 FENIX MEGARA 200 lifting towers have been installed around the track to provide the best sound for the 30,000 spectators expected at the circuit in the weekend.

These lifters are from MEGARA Series’ telescopic towers. This Series is used for rising lighting, sound systems and trusses. Its towers use the traditional legs system and they are easy handling and lightweight, so they are perfect for building small stages, goalposts for rising LED screens, etc.

"MEGARA lifting towers are used
for rising lighting,
sound systems, and

On the one hand, MEGARA 200 lifters have a reinforced base to support up to 200 kg up to 6.40m. Furthermore, safety pins avoid the load from falling and allow selecting different heights, raising all bars equally and distributing the load from the mast to the last bar.

In the other hand, its winch is resistant and durable. All of our winches are oversized for extra safety and a better pulling of the cable.

These lifting towers are made of Steel and are compatible with many accessories. In this project, they have used the AC-507 accessory for hanging the speakers from the tower. This accessory is a mechanised transverse bar with squared tube for speakers or 6 spotlights distributed along it.

Do you want to know more about this lifting tower or other MEGARA Series’ lifters? Click here, use the comparator to see the differences between them and choose the best lifting tower for your project. If you are not sure, do not worry, we will always be here to advise you!