www.fenixstage.com is a reality!






We have been preparing for months for something we were incredibly anxious to show you, all work is paying off as well as all the enthusiasm and effort we have been putting into this project, and finally now we can share with you…


Incredible improvements are obvious and make navigating around it a wonderful experience. You can find all our products in a very simple way, sorted by categories divided into lifting towers, our flagship product, trusses, of which we have a great variety, and other products, where you will find all the accessories needed to adapt any of our products to your project.

In addition, a new dynamic and fun way to see all the projects we have done, and being able to filter them both by products, to know the many options that each of them give you, or by event, if you're looking for something more concrete. You will find new uses for our products that you would never have imagined, they’re everywhere! From the decoration of your clothes’ shop, at the concerts of your favourite music groups or at the end of marathons at your city. You can also filter through areas where you will be surprised to know the number of countries that have used our lifting towers; From Colombia to Vietnam, through Chile, Norway or Slovenia. This is possible thanks to our distributors, which are spread almost all over the world, making it much easier for the customers to buy our products.


In the news section, we will keep you informed of everything that is happening; News, fairs, new people at our office, appearances in international magazines of worldwide impact and distribution, and many more. In order not to miss anything, subscribe to our newsletter and we will always keep you updated.

Also, you the chance to learn more about our company, our values, and motivations that make ourselves stay ahead of the sector. You can find out how to contact us if you want to work with us, know more about our products, or ask for a budget. All FENIX team is at your disposal and will be happy to help, both by e-mail, or by telephone or even at our facilities in Valencia.

Our old website fenixlt.es is no longer available, being now fenixstage.com. Do not hesitate and take a stroll around the new website, adjustable to any device, and discover for yourself all it has to offer!