FENIX Trusses: Wide variety for stages and structures’ assembly






Trusses can project all kinds of structures for each different event. Both the manufacture and musical performances’ assembly, film or TV productions, as well as for any other event, the aluminium trusses’ modular system allows a lattice structures’ assembly with a great flexibility.


The structure for a stage depends on the type of event. It depends on where it takes place, the scenery, the size of the stage or equipment needs. Trusses are used to create structures and support loads, lighting, sound equipment, etc.

At FENIX Stage we offer a wide range of trusses and many accessories in different lengths and forms designed with the latest innovation for quick and easy assembly that meet the specific needs of each application.

Aluminium trusses are easily adaptable to all stage dimensions and all places. They are easy to transport, assemble and disassemble. All trusses have 50 x 2mm main tubes (except reinforced trusses, we will told about them later), 20 x 2mm braces and a conic connection system.

On the one hand, according to the form, FENIX trusses can be straight and curved. At the same time, both can be parallel trusses (SD), triangular trusses (ST) and squared trusses (SQ) depending on how many main tubes (2, 3 and 4 respectively) the truss is composed.

On the other hand, trusses are also divided according to its external size (10cm, 22cm, 29cm, 40cm and 52cm). To understand this better, here you have a graphic description of how our trusses are classified:


Truses clasificación

FENIX Trusses 


Furthermore, within the straight trusses, we also have reinforced trusses. They are more resistant because they have thicker main tubes (50 x 3mm). Our reinforced trusses are SQR-29SQR-40 and SQR-52, this last one has the largest external dimension of our truss range.

No matter how simple or complex the project is, we are at your disposal to provide the safest solutions for your event. We help customers to choose the best structure.

Check our trusses’ catalogue to see all our products and to know the different FENIX references.