FENIX Stage launches its first corporative video






A few days ago, we introduced on our social networks the first FENIX Stage’s corporative video “A quick glance at FENIX Stage”, with which a month of hard work finishes as a further step in the modernization of our brand image’s, which began a year ago with the renewal of the corporate website. A video that we are very proud of, because it shows and reviews in two minutes the manufacturing process of all FENIX products.


The corporative video goes around the claim A quick glance at FENIX Stage, showing step by step, how we manufacture our lifting towers, trusses and platforms with day-to-day work’s pictures at our  facilities in Horno de Alcedo, Valencia (Spain), going through all departments, including design and marketing, where the life of each FENIX product begins. The video is divided into:


  • Design: Our engineering team is responsible of shaping all the ideas developed at FENIX Stage, either on its own initiative or customer requirements. Through CAD programs, prototyping system and simulation software, from the smallest piece of our towers to our big stages are designed, tested and evaluated.
  • Marketing: Web management, social network communication, design and layout of catalogs and brochures or creating news on our blog, are just some of the tasks of our marketing department to keep our customers informed of the latest developments in our company and our products.
  • Lifting towers: The manufacturing process of our towers begins with the arrival and cutting of raw materials, through automated cutting systems. Once cut, the pieces are machined on our lathe or CNC machine, then welded and finally painted or galvanised, to send to our assembling section, where the towers are assembled and one by one are tested to verify proper functioning.
  • Trusses: As with the towers, the first thing is the cutting of aluminum, together with the machining of the truss connections, which are performed in the automatic lathe. After this, welders place connections with the aluminum tubes in the truss manufacturing machines where welding is performes, finishing the truss.
  • Platforms: For the manufacturing of the desks, aluminum profiles are cut forming the frame, legs, brackets, etc. at the different measures required. Once we have all the pieces, the desks are assembled together with the other pieces that are provided by suppliers.

Finally, each product is labelled and packaged, ready to be sent to the customer.

From 2005 we have been adding experience and joined efforts to be in continuous innovation and be one of the most competitive companies of the market, achieved thanks to the manufacturing of high security and quality products.

We hope you enjoy this video, where we summarise our activities, our hope for well-done jobs and what FENIX Stage brand implies.

Finally, we want to thank the professionals involved in this project, whose professional demeanor and dedication have made possible that you get to know a little more about us.




FENIX Stage will spread its new company’s video through its corporative supports: fenixstage.com web, social networks and newsletters.

The corporative video is also available in FENIX Stage’s channel in Youtube via this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4HcpQ6yMv3w.

In addition to this video, soon you will be able to see more videos about our lifting towers’ operation, their assembly and their different accessories, line arrays or how to use them with truss.

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