FENIX Stage: innovation in its lifting towers and trusses






Year after year, FENIX Stage assigns more and more efforts to the creation of new products and to the modification and improvement of its lifting towers or others existing products. The purpose of this effort is achieving the maximum safety, quality and resistance in all its products, in order to offer always the best to its customers.

In 2015, FENIX Stage, has carried out  relevant innovations, paid off  to great new products as the new frontal loading lifting towers AT-04 and the super HERCULES 6.5 PLUS, the new structural ground support tower TRC-700, or the new AC-613 accessory, consisting in a union hinge for SQ-29 truss (also available for SQ-40) which replaces most angular corners.

Our engineers work is reflected in improvements in our products that help to increase its safety, as well as ease of use, transport and assembly.

The following are some improvements which you will find from now on, in FENIX’s lifting towers:   



  1. Swingram platforms: ELV Series introduces new swingarm platforms that, thanks to the versatility of its positions, allow to rest completely against any surface, including walls or slopes, achieving a better fixation and stability. Furthermore, all FENIX lifting towers’ plates are made of polyamide. This raw material resists temperatures from -50ºC to +50ºC, more resistant than metal and also wear-free.
  2. Ring: Rings have been installed on AT and HERCULES Series lifting towers to enable fixing cables to any surface or fixed object and increase their stability in strong wind conditions.
  3. Leg safety locker: The new safety locker has been designed to anchor the outriggers in an easy and safe way during the towers’ installation. This new system, introduced in all FENIX’s lifting towers, guarantees a lifelong use with no need of spare parts.
  4. Level’s location: The level has been installed in all the bases of the lifting towers, allowing to stabilise them in a more comfortable and precise way.



If you want to know more about FENIX’s new products or the improvements that we have incorporated, do not hesitate to contact us. You can also see more in our new lifting towers and trusses catalogues.

In the meanwhile at FENIX Stage, ¡we will continue working to manufacture and ensure you high quality products with the best service!