FENIX lifting towers land in the Argentinian market






Macaio, with headquarters in Buenos Aires (Argentina), has been appointed as the new exclusive distributor for the commercialization and sale in the Argentinian Republic for FENIX Stage products: lifting towers, trusses, stage platforms and accessories. 

Macaio Argentina

Macaio, with headquarters in Buenos Aires (Argentina), has been appointed as the new exclusive distributor for the commercialization and sale in the Argentinian Republic for FENIX Stage products: lifting towers, trusses, stage platforms and accessories. With this agreement, FENIX Stage joins a portfolio of high-end brands such as Clay Paky, d&b audiotechnik or DAS Audio among others.

Macaio is an Argentinean company with more than 30 years dedicated to the distribution of products for the sound and lighting industry. They have a large network of distributors nationwide and over a thousand points of sale throughout the country.

The CEO of Macaio, Mr. Gonzalo Diaz Blasco, praised the effort made during the last 20 years by FENIX Stage: 

We are very glad to include FENIX into our portfolio of brands. Since some time ago, we have detected that the Argentinian market was in need of quality lifting towers. The local options, with which technicians and operators worked daily, were scarce and mostly low-performances. Being able to work with a company that is focused on innovation, quality and safety of its products leaves us alone. We chose FENIX because of its years of experience in its team and the excellent support provided by the factory, something really remarkable and helpful. With these conditions, and facing the growing demand of our local market, we can only hope for success in the immediate future”.

On its behalf, FENIX Stage is therefore extremely honored to have Macaio as its new exclusive distributor for the Argentinian Republic. Its approach is perfectly aligned with FENIX Stage’s strategy and long-term commitment to the market. "We are looking forward with confidence that it will strengthen our position as a global leading player" added Mr. Alex Bryan, Export Manager of FENIX Stage.


FENIX Stage in Argentina: Workshop & exclusive training

Formación FENIX Stage torres elevadorasExclusive training Macaio's customers, Buenos Aires (Argentina)

In November our Export Manager Mr. Alex Bryan visited Macaio’s headquarters. The visit lasted only two days but we squeezed it. The first day Alex did a training of all FENIX products with all the marketing, sales and technical team and, the second day, he did a workshop to more than 40 customers, where our: MEGARA 300, AT-05 and HERCULES 8 frontal loading lifting towers had special attention.FENIX Stage’s main pillars are the manufacturing of high quality products with a serious, comprehensive, efficient and timely service, a manufacturer’s direct guarantee and a technical assistance service  remarked Mr Alex Bryan during the presentation.

During the demonstration of the FENIX products, Mr Alex Bryan emphasized the development and the construction of each lifting tower, identifying the main characteristics and advantages of each lifter in comparison to the competition.

Some of the advantages he highlighted were:

  • Reinforced base: FENIX lifting towers’ base have a reinforced iron base increasing tower stability. This solid construction is one of the elements that ensures load safety.
  • Bases’ stabilizers plates: Resistance and durability. FENIX lifting towers have polyamide plates, instead of metal polyamide that use all the competition. The polyamide is a type of polymer with some characteristics appropriate for lifting towers: resistant, wear free and can rest again any surface without damaging it. Polyamide plates avoid the deformations that metal plates suffer with blows.
  • Safety pins: Load full control. FENIX lifting towers have safety pins that stop the load from falling down. You can select different tower heights safely by raising the bars equally and have the advantage that you can place it in automatic position. This avoid that you have to lift/go down the tower holding down safety pins.

Once the visit is over, Mr Alex Bryan only has words of thanks and motivation: 

"I am very glad with the acceptance of our products and the interest generated among the attending audience. After two intense days of training, I am convince that this agreement is a valuable opportunity to bolster further adoption of FENIX products in the Argentinian Republic market and it will strengthen our positioning as a leading player in the near future. Therefore, we are commited to meet the demand of the market with high quality products".