Delay tower as the perfect complement of line array systems






When we attend a live concert, what the audience most expect is to be able to live all the power and quality of the sound of our favorite artist live, but we are not usually aware of the amount of people and equipment needed for all to work and sound properly, and this is difficult as the enclosure gets larger.

To prevent the public going home angry and disappointed, sound technicians and engineers study in detail all the space and the material that will be used. A key element are the speakers to which we are going to dedicate this post today.

Although there are several types of speakers, the most widely used at major events and outdoor festivals are called line array, a system that consists of a series of speakers coupled together, forming a curved line that distributes sound directionally, and allowing to control more or less the amount of sound that we want to reach every area of the enclosure.

Line array’s can be oriented in any direction, although they are mainly placed to the public in vertical arrangements that provide a vertical pattern of very narrow exit, useful to focus the sound to an audience without losing energy from the ceiling or vacuum above the audience.

Torre de delay con line arrayDelay tower with line array

Usually placed at the front of
the stage and this usually
meets the demand for sound,
but if the enclosure is
too large, it is advisable
to use delay towers

Line array systems, are usually hung upon a truss using a chain hoist or front-load lifting towers. Usually placed at the front of the stage and this usually meets the demand for sound, but if the enclosure is too large, it is advisable to use delay towers.

The delay towers are used to move the sound line to reinforce the main sound system in larger places, in order to have the same volume of sound scattered around the field.

Delay towers are often used in large concerts when the main line of speakers is not enough to cover the total sound of the attendees. They are very useful since you can place as many as you want, in addition to being thin structures that do not interfere in the viewing of the public.

Front loading towers, composed of series HERCULES and AT and are perfect as delay towers. Very suitable for this and for lifting a heavy line array system is the HERCULES PLUS 6.5, capable of lifting up to 500kg using the AC-562 and AC-583 accessories. Adjusting the angle of the line array can focus the sound area to the needs of the engineer or sound technician and cover the entire area of the audience without the pressure of the sound suffering shadows or areas where you can not hear well.

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